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What's new with Promap v2?

Promap v2 works on all modern browsers (as well as a Mac). With user feedback at its core, we've improved the navigation and added some great new features to streamline your processes..

We've got a new look but the same professional quality mapping you expect.

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Promap v2

Brand new features and products

Get your CAD-ready MasterMap faster than ever before.

Just 3 simple steps to get your next MasterMap export; one, locate your site using our simple one line address search. Two, Define your site using the advanced drawing tools. Three, add to basket to purchase. Even better, the quick quoting will ensure you get the map to fit your budget.

Accurate measurements with Snap to Point

The Snap to Point tool within Promap v2 builds upon the favourite feature from the previous version. Quickly and easily draw and measure with complete confidence and accuracy. Hold down the space bar and join up multiple points in just one click!

Get 3 maps in 1 with the GoView Location Bundle

Introducing the GoView Location Bundle. This product will provide you with an accurate MasterMap, a location based OpenMap and town based 1:50k map, perfect for representing site location at all scales.

Planning-ready Prints

Promap v2's print journey is specifically created with planning applications in mind. Quickly set the required scale and paper size to grab your block or location plan in no time.

Introducing the Drawing Library

The Promap v2 Drawing Library lets you save shapes to use again. Or try the Promap Custom Shapes library to add a variety of symbols or sample plots to your map in just one click.

Supplement your next MasterMap Export

To support your next design project we are now offering 60% off Terrain 5 Height data with purchases of digital MasterMap. Simply select your preferred option prior to checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Complete account control

The Promap Customer Admin tools provide you with complete control of all users within your account. Arrange users into groups, set spend limits or run expenditure reporting. It's all available in Promap v2.

Simplify and accelerate the way you assess potential development sites

LandSearch lets you work smarter, not harder. We gather key data covering land use, planning, ownership, constraints, local information and market information, so you don't have to.

Taking you project to the next stage?

Our in-house experts from Argyll Environmental are on hand to assist with all requirements from Flood Risk Assessments to Contaminated Land. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help your with your next project?

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What's done and what's coming next...

We're making continuous improvements to your new Promap.
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