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Already a Promap customer? Upgrade to premium today.

Promap Premium Layers

Promap’s Premium Layers is designed to help you find accurate, crucial information in less time.

If you spend hours researching a new site by trawling through local authority and planning websites and cross-referencing one set of data against another, it’s time for a change.

Our Premium Data Subscription collates crucial data including planning applications, personal title numbers, and a range of open data, into a single place, right at your fingertips. With a few clicks, you can investigate potential constraints for any project and back up your expertise with the most reliable, accurate and detailed data out there.

Architects can target nationwide planning applications from the Promap platform, getting a clear idea of which projects are more likely to be accepted and why, without spending hours on different websites.

Surveyors can overlay planning applications, listed buildings, ownership information and more on one map and gain a detailed idea of the project. Something that would take hours now takes minutes.

Developers can cross-check planning applications, local sale prices, ownership information and more in minutes.
Ensure that your business won’t be held back by data restrictions. Add value to your business partnerships. And save time.

We're committed to deliver continuous value to Promap Premium Layers, to support this we've just added:

  • Registered leases

    • Including the calculated end of lease date

    • Enhanced data coverage of over 85%

  • Legend

    • Add a legend to provide insight to any Premium Layers data on screen

  • Planning information data download

    • Due to customer feedback you can now download planning data in a CSV file

Get started with Premium Layers now

It’s easy to get started, and if you’re an existing Promap customer it’s only a couple of clicks.

Bringing together the crucial data you need in one place

Accurate information at your fingertips. Take 30 seconds to see for yourself how quickly and easily you can find accurate data in minutes.

“I really like the planning and flooding layers as this is an excellent source of easy to access information. These are two layers that makes Promap stand out as being the first place I would go to obtain this information. Trawling through the council websites is a pain to obtain this information, so this saves me a considerable amount of time.”

James Day, Hamptons International

See how you can bring data to life in your projects with our insight stories


How easy access data helps surveyors complete valuations quicker

How to spend 3 hours in London

If you find yourself in London for 3 hours, and you time it right, you can take some photos of Westminster Abbey and Number 10, admire Big Ben, watch the changing of the guard, climb the lions in Trafalgar Square, and even squeeze in a sandwich.

But, what can you do in 3 hours as a surveyor based in London? Check local planning applications. No time for a sandwich.


Helping property professionals make informed decisions at every stage

Use different data layers to give you a clearer picture

I’ve been asked to find a site for a commercial real estate property in Berkshire. There are a couple of places I’ve had on my radar, so I went on Promap to take a closer look.

I checked out one place. And, by checking the local data category of Promap Premium Data Layers, I’ve found out it’s an area of core employment. That can go either way, but when I overlaid planning applications, I saw there were no planned developments.


How developers can grow their portfolio by quickly identifying the right opportunities

Use data insights to grow your portfolio

I work in a beautiful part of the country. Because I live here, and my children live here, I’m always looking for a way to develop the area responsibility. Every community needs growth, but it’s important to work with people in a sustainable way.

Anyway, I’ve been running my own business for a few years now. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve had some really great projects and built a good reputation. So, now I really want to concentrate on growing my portfolio a bit.


How an architect can efficiently quote for a design in central London

There is so much data about London, it’s an architect’s dream

I’m new to London and only qualified as an architect in 2017, so I still need to make a good impression on my boss. All those late nights and coffees must have been paying off because last week he gave me a big opportunity to quote for a design on a central London property. I really need to impress him with an accurate and competitive quote.

Moving into the new decade, I am more aware than ever that the role of the architect is changing, and you’ve got to be a bit more tech-savvy than ever. You have to take advantage of all the improvements in land data to stay afloat, never mind get ahead, so I use Promap.

Scope the risk of any site in England and Wales and win more clients

Premium Data Layers contains all the accurate data sets you need for up-to-date information on planning, personal ownership, listed building, greenbelts and more. Add value to your clients by providing this data quickly, with meaningful quotes and timescales.

Planning Application Data

Includes planning applications submitted to local authorities throughout Great Britain via local authority weekly planning lists. The data includes large, small and minor applications which are split on the basis of estimated project value.

Personal Ownership Title Information

This dataset contains Title numbers for non-commercial polygons across England and Wales. This dataset does not provide any information regarding the owner.

Price Paid Data

This data contains information about the sales of single residential properties which are sold for full market value to private individuals in England and Wales, which have been submitted to the Land Registry (HMLR) for registration.

Land Use Constraints

Includes areas that are deemed to be of natural importance and have restrictions that may limit the extent and type of property development that can take place. Land Use Constraints Data includes;

  • Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • Listed Buildings
  • Green Belt
  • Special Protection Areas
  • Ramsar Sites
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Scheduled Monuments
  • Ancient Woodland
  • Local Nature Reserves
OS MasterMap Highways Network

OSMM Highways Network brings together data from authoritative sources such as the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) and OS Large Scale Road data to create a single authoritative view of the road network.

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